domingo, 9 de abril de 2017

Pins, pins, pins!!!!

Finally!!!we have the web page, the machine and some pins!!!CONGRATS KIDS!!!GREAT COLLABORATION!

This following week Religion will be an important part of our classes as well as Science! Although we will watch these and other videos in class, please watch them before coming to class so that you will understand the experiments better.

Vídeos Mass Density

You will love this one!


La Semana Santa en Valladolid como hemos hablado en clase es muy interesante y emotiva. Por ello, os dejo un vídeo de viernes Santo y un link a varios vídeos y a algunas imágenes del Domingo de Ramos en mi preciosa ciudad. Enjoy it!

viernes, 7 de abril de 2017


I just discovered that my students love spelling tests!!!They are challenging for them because I always choose difficult words to surprise them

So kids!!!!If you want more, you can work at home as well!!! Here are some helpful links

FIRST, PRINT THE LIST OR JUST CLICK on the spelling list and ask somebody at home to help you. They can read the words from the screen to you while you copy them . After that, you can roll down and play games or do spelling tests. We kind of have all different levels in our clasroom so here you have lots of options!!! Please, don't care about the level name, just care about LEARNING and having fun!