martes, 14 de marzo de 2017

Long time no see!!!

I know!!!It has been a long time. Sorry about that. I have been so busy that I haven´t found the time to add new posts to our blog, but I added some in our other blog

where you can find interesting facts about Spain, Japan and Canada.

Curling, a surprise party (THANK YOU ALL!!!), The Beauty and the Beast musical....So many things!!! But the most important thing: We have been learning a lot!!!

We have worked on fractions for some time and now we have started trigonometry and geometry. Math is amazing isn´t it?

In Science we are learning now about Matter. I have shared dozens of links with the students so that they don´t have an excuse to do nothing at home 😊.

yes, I know!I don´t forget about your cars!!!All of them were amazing!!!Isabella and Meghan are the winners in originality, together with Gianna´s, which was also the fastest and most straight car of all. Meghan´s remote control was incredible too!!!I also specially admire Luca´s car because he mainly made it in the class and put a lot of effort into it. Other winners are Joaquín´s , Samuel´s (funny one, it wouldn´t stop spinning!), and congratulations to Constanza, Dominga, Irina, Isabel, Sophia and Reyd as well.

Also remember you can use mathletics and of course read as much as you can!

Art is also an important part if our classroom

These days we have been talking a lot about bullying, and we have taken a nice pledge and I hope that everybody will succeed. I have explained in Health class how saying things that some people consider "normal" or "jokes" are neither of them. ´I hate you¨, "you are stupid", etc

A nice video to understand Lent a bit better

And lots of videos for those who are struggling in Maths or those who want to get better!

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