domingo, 22 de enero de 2017

It has been an interesting start!

We have been studying The Great Lakes in Social Studies, the equivalent fractions in Math, the unit of magnetism in Science, different lures in Health and we have topped off the meaning of Christmas in Religion. We have also worked with Spanish grammar and podcasts in Spanish and enjoyed lyrics training and Daily 5 and the study novel work with The Hatchet.  Puf!!!SO MANY THINGS!!!!

But the three top big news of the week have been Isabella´s trip to London and Dublin, practicing curling in the gym and the Art work.

TOP # 1

Isabella has shared her trip and her learning with her classmates and me with a super EXCELLENT presentation that none of us will never forget. Thanks for your hard work Isabella, and for sharing your learning with us!!! And thanks a million for the treats, pamphlets and books.

TOP # 2
GREAT JOB EVERYBODY!!!!Gianna, Isabella, Abril, Sophia, Sebastian, Dubem, Reyd, CJ, Mykayla, Marcus, Juan, Joshua, Rachel, Domi, Samuel, Joaquín, Lucas, Irina, Isabel, Constanza, Meghan, Georgia and Jace. 

All the kids in 5D have enjoyed working their art this week. We have learnt that we can do nice art with recycled things and everybody in the school has admired and congratulate our work.

TOP #3
Curling rocks!!!

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